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Demolition Services in Eugene, Oregon

Demolition isn’t what you think it is. Many confuse demolition work and constriction work and to the untrained eye, they all look the same hardhats heavy machinery and a lot of hustle and bustle going on.
But in reality, demolition is a precise science that requires years to master. It takes years of training and experience to deconstruct a building or residence.
Demolition Site — demolition in Lane County, OR
People today may have acquired a piece of property with a structure already in place and with the country going green it may be more cost effective to remove the structure and have new one build to modern energy usage standards and materials. Especially structures more than 50 years ago and the dangers posed to the environment with the materials used in previous decades such as asbestos and lead based paints as well as any other toxic material that may have been left behind, as in industrial sites.
All of these things add up to nightmare for the new owner if they don’t know whom to turn to.
Braun knows exactly what to do to take care of the removal of the old structure to make room for the new. You needn’t worry about its removal or cleanup afterward. You’ll be presented with a clean slate to build your new structure on.
The same holds true if you have purchased an old house and it doesn’t meet your needs but the property is exactly where you want to your new home to stand. In that case, the same exacting standards used to remove a multistory commercial structure would apply.
A survey of the job and then a detailed plan for removal and the disposal of the resultant debris is prepared.
A written estimate is then presented for your approval is prepared and the time needed to do the work.
You then decide if the plan meets your requirements. Your time constraints are taken into account and the plan will meet your schedule and budget.
At Braun, every demolition job is different and unique. We handle them as such. We use the latest in excavator machinery to facilitate our work and safety is our main priority.
We have an unblemished safety record because we pay attention to the little things, which add up to successful completion of your demolition needs.
Inspection of the site is handled with an eye to what needs to be done first. Areas are marked off, warning signs placed, and the proper permits are obtained.
You and your people are briefed on exactly what is going to happen, when, and then like clockwork our plan is put into motion. The works comes off without a hitch.
We take on the tough jobs, as we know we have the skill and the knowhow to pull it off to your complete satisfaction.
Our trained staff monitors every phase of the operation from beginning to end and our work doesn’t stop until the last bit of debris is removed from the work site and you are totally happy with the results.
So, the next time you have demolition work that needs doing, Braun is there to handle it for you quickly, efficiently and at a cost that is reasonable.