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Excavation Services in Eugene, Oregon

Excavation is much more than just digging a hole in the ground. It’s the proper planning and gathering the right resources together to get the job done correctly.
Land Prep — excavation in Lane County, OR
That means having the right equipment, trained personnel, and the experience and understanding the mechanics of earth, concrete, as well as structural load limits. This is why Braun’s trained staff of engineers and heavy equipment operators works together with you, our customers in the initial stages of a project to create a plan and blueprint of the job’s requirements. Project management is a key factor in any excavation, construction, or building project.
When this work is done properly up front and before the first spade full of earth is moved, your job proceeds smoothly toward completion within the time and budgetary constraints you have set. With this in mind, Braun works hand-in-hand with your project planners to provide exactly the right equipment, manpower, and know-how to support or supplement your project needs.
Two of the things that are of paramount importance to that support are Risk Assessment and Safety.
The first thing you need to ascertain is the type of materials that you will be digging though whether it is rock, dirt, or a combination of the two.
Solid rock is easier to work with than dirt and if they are mixed together offer a far different environment.
The need to understand the geology of the area and underlying materials can mean the different between a successful project, which avoids accidents and one where unforeseen problems can occur.
Causeway — excavation in Lane County, OR
Safety of the workers is top priority in any work we do. This is why we carefully examine the worksite, check with the most current survey maps of the area, and have our experts survey the area looking for problems before they happen.
We use only seasoned workers on you project because workers who are experienced make far fewer mistakes than younger less well trained and knowledgeable workers. This practice prevents potential risk for injury, damage to equipment, and delays to the work in progress.
This is also; why we have supervisors, monitoring the work at all times to make sure that proper methods of excavation are used for the type of work to be done. The right equipment is being used for the work and proper safety precautions are followed.
We also continually monitor the worksite safety, prepare for emergencies, and have the necessary emergency equipment on hand to deal with any contingency that may crop up.
Braun is also proactive as they also ensure all permits and other required paperwork available and on site for inspection.
They make sure there adequate dumpster facilities and waste hauling to remove any debris and waste to make sure the site remains neat.
Finally, we keep a complete copy of the work plans and current progress on site so that you can monitor exactly what the status of the work is at any time you desire.
All this adds up to a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly project that follows all pertinent laws, building codes and regulations in Lane County, OR surrounding areas.