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Testimonials in Eugene, Oregon


I’ve worked with Braun Excavating Inc. for almost two decades.

As a Luxury Home Builder, we rely on our subcontractors to help us achieve the highest quality in our projects. Chris has always displayed top-notch integrity and commitment, never compromising quality to save a few cents.
That’s unusual these days and this is essentially why I’ll continue to use Braun Excavating for all our projects.
David H.
President, Seven Bridge Inc.

5 out of 5 Stars

Braun is fine by us! They took over the demolition of our old house and within a few days, it was down. The ruble was removed and the land prepared for the building of our new home.
Their workman were polite courteous and they did their work in a very professional manner, which left my wife speechless as they knew exactly what to do. The work went smoothly and they answer all our questions fully in a manner that was easily understood. They took the time to let us know exactly what was going on and why. They made us feel as we were part of the process and that make all the difference. We’d hire them again in a heartbeat.
John M.

I hired Chris Braun to remove a heating oil tank for me at a gas station that I recently purchased.

As Chris pulled it out of the ground an inspector noticed that it was leaking fluid into the ground. Very scary situation. Furthermore, the inspector discovered that it wasn’t filled with heating oil… it was filled with diesel. When I looked in the hole I could see the discolored dirt everywhere below the tank. I approached Chris and asked him what he thought. He said “don’t worry Adam, we can dig all out.
In my head I was imagining a $50,000 to $60,000 bill for cleaning this contaminated soil. It took a few weeks to get samples back and to get approval to dump the contaminated soil at a designated waste treatment facility, but when it was done my total bill from Braun excavating was right around $10,000.
I couldn’t have been happier. I really feel that Chris took care of me and didn’t gauge me just because I was in a vulnerable position. I would definitely recommend Chris. He is very serious about his work and he honest about his charges.
Adam B.

Two Thumbs up!

When it was time to put in our new driveway and sidewalk, we called in the pros from Braun Excavating. They came out and looked over our property made their recommendations about what work was required.
In a few days they were back the removed the old cracked driveway and sidewalk. The dugout the area laid down a new base and then pour the concrete. It was like magic. One day we had an eyesore of a driveway and in almost no time, we had a new stamped concert drive way and sidewalk that looked like a million bucks. Thanks Braun.
Ron J.

Great service and we were in charge all the way.

We were having a new home built and we wanted the foundation done right.
The Braun representatives came out and looked at our floor plans. They sent their surveyors out mark off the lot, the earthmovers came out, and when they left, there was a perfect foundation dug. They next laid down the concrete pad and the retaining walls. It happened so fast.
We kept in the loop every step of the way and we felt like we were in charge and doing the work ourselves. It was a rush to watch all the men and machines working for our new home. The wife and I would defiantly hire Braun for our next building project.
Kurt S.

We wanted a below ground pool installed.

We didn’t know who call. We found Braun Excavating on the web for Eugene, near where we live and gave them a call.
Their helpful phone operator took down our information and had a person come right out the next day.
He looked over our proposed site for the pool and gave us an estimate that was well below what we had thought it would cost. We signed the papers the next day and by the weekend, they were out. They dug out the shape we wanted and lined it with concrete and finished it for us as well with a stamped concrete mural at the bottom of the pool.
So not only is our pool fun it looks like a work or art as well.
Their work was quality and their people doing the work were friendly and polite. They went about their business and we hardly knew they were there until they had us come out and inspect the work.
We were floored as it met our expectations to a “T”. We plan to have Braun do our new garage’s foundation work and slab in the coming spring as well.
George A.

We had a dead tree out back by the back fence we wanted removed.

We found Braun in the Phonebook and they were out in no time.
They came out and before you know it, the tree was cut down and removed. They then popped the stump, roots out, and then brought in dirt to fill in the hole. It is now smooth as silk back there and this summer you’ll not be able to tell there was a tree there at all.
They were professional at all times and let me know what was going on as they worked.
If you need trees or brush taken out, they are the people to do it.
Margaret W.