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Excavation & Demolition Contractor in Eugene, Oregon

Braun Excavating Inc. is “Old School Experience” outperforming expectations for over 50 years and counting. Specializing in home pads, utility trenching, septic systems, and subdivisions. Our highly skilled operators will give you the best quality for your money and you know you will be starting your project off on solid ground.
Perhaps you have an existing structure or rundown building you’d like removed. With years of demolition experience, Braun is there to remove it. When the work is finished, it’s as if nothing was ever on that spot of land. You can then begin work on a new building or residential dwelling of which Braun is again able to assist in the creation of the new construction project where the old structure stood.
We have installed hundreds of septic systems including repairs, new construction, advantex, sandfilters as well as city sewers both public and private.
We perform deep excavation work for ponds and lake reclamation projects and digging deep for foundations for industrial parks and factory or shopping centers and strip malls. If you want a basement or cellar dug, we know exactly how to work under existing homes and structures, which is an art in itself. Putting in below ground swimming pools is a snap as we do both residential as well as commercial construction work. Projects such as stump removal, clearing out an old fence to make way for the new is just one of the many services Braun provides.
Braun is an expert in earthmoving as well. If you want to build a housing development and want the land contoured to meet your vision for a future housing or condominium community, we are the people that will do that for you. After the big job of digging a foundation for a new structure is done, Braun can build the causeways, and roadbeds needed to support the prospective traffic load.
Braun is a fully licensed and insured excavating company with years in the industry. The company is known for the knowledge, experience of their construction engineers, and the quality of their work. We get all the permits up front and know the building codes and zoning laws for Eugene and the surrounding areas by heart. So, the next time you need a full service excavating company for your new construction, earthmoving, or demolition work, remember the name Braun and you’ll know you’re getting superior service, Quality work, and a guarantee of excellence.
“Braun, when the Job has to be Done Right the First Time.”


Who are we?


At Braun, we are Eugene Oregon’s full service Excavation, Earthmoving, and Construction company.
You can have all your excavation and construction work done through our convenient one stop service as we provide the following services your construction, renovation, or building needs.


Our Services


  • Foundations Dug
  • Demolition Work
  • Basement Digging
  • Architectural Concrete Work
  • Land clearing
  • Timber
  • Build Retention Tanks
  • Dig and line Retention Ponds
  • Improve Drainage
  • Build Underground Utilities
  • Rough & Fine Grading
  • Basalt rock retaining walls
  • Laying of House Foundations
  • Excavation for basements
  • Land clearing
  • Timber
  • Sewer installation
  • Sewer repair


Our Work